Los Angeles, California – November 4, 2019 – KROST’s Assurance & Advisory Director, Keith Hamasaki, CPA, has been appointed to Co-Chair of the PrimeGlobal Manufacturing & Distribution Special Interest Group (SIG). Keith has been a member of PrimeGlobal since he joined KROST in 2016. As the newly named Co-Chair, he is responsible for bringing together the PrimeGlobal community to exchange ideas and information to better serve manufacturing clients.

Keith remarked on why he enjoys being a member, saying “I believe PrimeGlobal makes a great effort to help its members. It is a great resource to be able to help and connect with other member firms. They also put together great conferences, leadership training programs, SIG webinars and other beneficial education opportunities”.

Keith’s goal as Co-Chair is to provide CPAs with the most up-to-date knowledge about the processes and operations of the manufacturing industry. With the new position as a platform, he hopes to educate CPAs about the manufacturing industry so they gain the expertise to better serve their clients. He wants to bring focus to new ways CPAs can broaden their reach regarding their services.

We are pleased to have a dedicated leader like Keith represent our firm in the PrimeGlobal Manufacturing & Distribution SIG. As the leader of our KROST manufacturing industry group and with over a decade of experience in the manufacturing sector, Keith brings great value to the association and its members. – Greg Kniss

PrimeGlobal’s Manufacturing & Distribution Special Interest Group is a comprised of professionals who serve clients in the manufacturing and design of products as well as in the distribution and transportation service industries. Audit, assurance, accounting, tax, and many other services are represented.

To view PrimeGlobal’s Manufacturing & Distribution Special Interest Group, please login to your PrimeGlobal account. If you have trouble accessing your account, contact PrimeGlobal directly for assistance.

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