Year End Updates

December 4, 2018By Jean Hagan

As the year ends, we need to review some of the changes coming in January 2019. Please see below for a short summary of the issues that affect the restaurant industry in California. Minimum Wage Increase at State Level Current for unincorporated areas of Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, Malibu, and Santa Monica minimum … Read More

The End of To-Go Supplies

May 29, 2018By Jean Hagan

Things are changing rapidly at both the local level and the state level. Those changes will soon begin to impact what materials will be allowed to be used by restaurant operators for to go orders. This is one of the times that you want to be ahead of the curve on designing a comprehensive paper … Read More

Lunch Business – Old & New

March 22, 2018By Jean Hagan

I grew up outside of Philadelphia (so yes – Fly Eagles Fly)! I’m not going to disclose my age and will hereafter refer to this time as “back in the day”. So, back in the day, there was a famous restaurant near Head House Square called Bookbinders. Opened in 1893, It was originally referred to … Read More

Does the New Tax Code Affect Your Business?

March 21, 2018By Jean Hagan

There are several changes in the new tax code that may or may not affect your sales. We are particularly concerned about lunch and daytime event sales, as these are the areas that could be affected the most. Code section 13304 in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) amends the IRC section 274 about … Read More

Annual 8027 – Employers Annual Information Return of Tip Income

February 7, 2018By Jean Hagan

It’s that time of year again to calculate your tip liability. 8027 forms are due annually by the last day of February on paper, or April 2nd electronically. Employers that operate where food and beverages are served for onsite consumption and tipping is customary are required to file. Also, any employer with more than 10 … Read More

The Year of Minimum Wage Increases

September 5, 2017By Jean Hagan

We thought it was time to do a review on the effect of minimum wage increases year after year. Since January of 2016, we have experienced four minimum wage increase here in the Los Angeles area. January 2016 the wage increased to $10.00 an hour, July of 2016 we had a Los Angeles area increase … Read More

It’s Time for a Mid-Year Tip Check

August 2, 2017By Jean Hagan

It’s time to do an analysis of your tip reporting status. The filing of form 8027 for tipping establishments is calculated on an annual basis and reported to the IRS in February. A mid-year tip check gives you some time to correct any issues you may have with individual employees or your employee group as … Read More

The Future of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

June 21, 2017By Jean Hagan

The days of fountain/tower sodas are diminishing in full-service and slowly affecting quick-service restaurants. The general population is drinking less and less soda at lunch and dinner, and with double-digit increases by major soda manufacturers over the past three years, non-alcoholic beverage programs are under increased scrutiny. As restaurants have chosen to go high end, … Read More

May 1st: A Day Without Immigrants

April 11, 2017By Jean Hagan

Many restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area and across the nation were impacted by the “Day without Immigrants” on February 16th. The way restaurants handled absent employees varied from no action to termination. The bigger impact is coming up on Monday, May 1st. The History of May 1st – Labor Protest Day May 1st … Read More

Immigration Raids

March 13, 2017By Jean Hagan

It is an unfortunate reality that your restaurant may be faced with a visit from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the near future. It can be a real challenge for employers to comply with directives from DHS when it involves cherished employee team members, but there are actions that you need to comply … Read More