Follow the Yellow Brick Road

August 8, 2013By Jean Hagan

With so much technology becoming available for restaurant owners and operators it is difficult to choose which systems will serve your needs best. Outlining what information and what systems you currently use is the best way to start mapping an integrated system for your business. The end game is always the same; create information and … Read More

What Now for the Affordable Care Act?

August 8, 2013By Jean Hagan

Now that the Employer Mandate part of the ACA had been pushed back to January of 2015, everyone gave a big sigh of relief – but should you? This changes the landscape significantly in regards to your compliance planning. As the economy is improving and jobs in the restaurant/service segment are increasing – what is … Read More

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Panel Q&A

May 20, 2013By Jean Hagan

As part of California Restaurant Lobby Day, the CRA sponsored a panel discussion on the incoming Affordable Care Act. A capacity crowd joined the CRA board members for a presentation by Randy Spicer from the National Restaurant Association. Other panelists included Kimberlee Vandervoon from United Healthcare; Ralph Robinson from Wilson Elser Law Offices; Kris Stuebner … Read More

Keeping an Eye on Sacramento

May 20, 2013By Jean Hagan

Here are a couple of other bills coming up for vote that you should keep an eye on as a restaurant or bar operator. Contact the CRA for any additional information at AB323 (Wesley Chesbro-Arcata; [email protected]) would require restaurants to generate four cubic yards of food waste per week to arrange for collection and … Read More

California Restaurant Association

May 20, 2013By Jean Hagan

The California Restaurant Association was established in 1906; thirteen years before the NRA was founded. The CRA was one of the first restaurant trade associations founded in the US. Through advocacy, education, and promotion, the CRA represents the interests of restaurant owners and operators here in the state. California has more restaurant and food service … Read More

Client Spotlight – Jot Condie

May 20, 2013By Jean Hagan

Q. Jot, it’s been a busy couple of months for the CRA – tell us what you have been up to: It’s been a very active spring for our industry and the CRA. Last month we held our annual Lobby Day at the state Capitol and several delegates attended the National Restaurant Association’s Public Affairs … Read More

Prop 65 Enforcement Scam

May 20, 2013By Jean Hagan

Proposition 65 is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Do you remember voting for that? Of course, you would, who wouldn’t? So what’s that got to do with the restaurant business? The answer is … a lawyer’s dream – fine print! Most of the filed complaints are called “straw man plaintiffs” … Read More

Proposed Minimum Wage Increase

May 20, 2013By Jean Hagan

As most of you have heard in the news recently – there is another minimum wage increase approaching a vote in Sacramento. I think it is important to note that trying to lobby for not raising the minimum wage is a lost cause. The minimum wage is going to increase – the impact that the … Read More

Getting Ready for the Affordable Health Care Act

January 3, 2013By Jean Hagan

Even though the Affordable Health Care Act does not technically begin until January 2014 – you are probably already behind on some required planning and administration issues. The Act is going to require all restaurant operators to know more about health care and the administration of the program than they ever wanted to know. This … Read More