Proposed Minimum Wage Increase

May 20, 2013By Jean Hagan

As most of you have heard in the news recently – there is another minimum wage increase approaching a vote in Sacramento. I think it is important to note that trying to lobby for not raising the minimum wage is a lost cause. The minimum wage is going to increase – the impact that the … Read More

Getting Ready for the Affordable Health Care Act

January 3, 2013By Jean Hagan

Even though the Affordable Health Care Act does not technically begin until January 2014 – you are probably already behind on some required planning and administration issues. The Act is going to require all restaurant operators to know more about health care and the administration of the program than they ever wanted to know. This … Read More

Perpetual Bar Inventory

November 7, 2012By Jean Hagan

The case study involves a full-service restaurant that has different venue focus areas with seating for over 400 people. Annual sales are roughly $6 million. The challenge here was the constant problem with accurate inventory values. From month to month, it was impossible to figure out where the inventory mistakes were made. This operation was … Read More

Is Your Maintenance Program going to Trick or Treat You?

November 7, 2012By Jean Hagan

Every restaurant manager lives in fear of the surprises that will surface during a busy weekend or holiday in their restaurant. These surprises are almost always maintenance related issues in the restaurant business because most of our employees show up and work the busy shifts. Managers treat their maintenance and repair issues like if they … Read More

Case Study: Average Check

July 12, 2012By Jean Hagan

This case study focuses on the influence that “average check” has on overall sales in a restaurant. Many restaurant operators do not follow their average check closely enough to determine when they are losing valuable income from existing guests. In the planning stages of a restaurant, from menu design to lease or purchase values, average … Read More

It’s Half Time

July 12, 2012By Jean Hagan

It’s hard to believe, it’s halftime in the year. There are certain things an operator should review when we get to this point. It is not too late to make adjustments to hit those final budget numbers. Here are some areas I suggest would have the most impact on your financial statements: Budget Review Conduct … Read More

Vino at Trios

July 12, 2012By Jean Hagan

The newest addition to the Charlie’s Trio family is Vino’s at Trio. This concept is perfect for those wanting a place where the wine matters and the food is paired correctly (a passion for both Fata brothers, Michael and Chuck). It’s rare and refreshing to see seasoned restaurateurs’ turn their passions into reality. The Fata … Read More

Client Spotlight – The Lobster

April 1, 2012By Jean Hagan

Santa Monica, CA It seems like the Lobster has always been there, but in actuality, it has been just over twelve years in its current form. The original Lobster Shack was opened in 1923 at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica Pier. It has become the favorite place to go for many in … Read More

Reporting Tips to the IRS

April 1, 2012By Jean Hagan

This case study focuses on an issue that many restaurateurs battle with constantly: TIPS! Controlling the declaration of income from tips by employees has become a challenge for many restaurant operators. There is no question that the IRS demands employers to be the guardians of this and many operators are unaware that they have been … Read More

Payroll and Why you Can’t Control It

April 1, 2012By Jean Hagan

Every restaurant owner and operator, large and small, feel the pain of payroll every two weeks. Struggling to control costs, this area seems to be a black hole that they can not work their way out of. Instead of attacking this issue like any other on their financial statements, every time payroll has to be … Read More