Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies

March 2, 2021By KROST

This is one of the articles in the KROST Quarterly Manufacturing Issue, titled “Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies” by Guest Contributor, Michael Maroney. As history has shown us, difficult times can spark a renaissance of innovation and creativity. With the continued impact of the Coronavirus on American businesses, … Read More

[Webinar] PPP 2021 Program – Updates on Loan Applications, Rule Changes, Eligibility, Forgiveness, and Interaction with ERTC

March 1, 2021By KROST

The PPP loan program is evolving fast with new rules on Second Draw applications, including a 2-week pause on companies with 20 or more employees and new calculations for sole proprietors. In addition, both the lenders and the SBA are reviewing, rejecting, and putting holds on many applications because of API errors, compliance failures, and … Read More

Expatriation Exit Tax

February 24, 2021By KROST

US citizens living abroad and foreign nationals residing in the US are renouncing their citizenship in a record-breaking fashion. During the first three quarters of 2020, the IRS published 5,045 individuals who have made the ultimate decision to expatriate and formally cut ties with the United States. This amount is significantly higher than the numbers … Read More

Opportunity Zones and Cost Segregation

February 23, 2021By KROST

This is a preview of one of the articles in the new KROST Quarterly Real Estate Issue, titled “Opportunity Zones and Cost Segregation” by Guest Contributor Artur Babaian Opportunity Zones are garnering increased interest across the country. Created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in December 2017, taxpayers who meet the requirements for investing … Read More

Tips to Help People Choose a Reputable Tax Preparer

February 18, 2021By KROST

The following article was written by the IRS. View the original source here: Whether taxpayers regularly use a tax professional to help them file a tax return or they have decided to work with one for the first time, it is important to choose a tax return preparer wisely. Taxpayers are responsible for all the information … Read More

FAQs – PPP Loans

February 17, 2021By KROST

Since the CARES Act passed into law in March, there have been new laws, multiple rule publications, and over 50 FAQs released by the SBA regarding the PPP and EIDL loans. KROST’s subject matter experts have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below: Question: How are full-time equivalent employees calculated in the 2nd PPP? … Read More

KROST Quarterly Magazine: The Financial Services Issue is Now Available!

February 16, 2021By KROST

We are happy to announce the release of our newest quarterly magazine! The Financial Services Issue highlights some of the hot topics in financial services including Section 1244 claims, the Lender Management, LLC case study, research & development, waterfall calculations, IRC Section 1061, and FinTech trends. What You’ll Find Inside this Issue: Section 1244: Claiming … Read More