The Big Change on Tip Distributions and Tip Credits

February 9, 2018By Robert A Benson

On December 15, 2017, The Federal Labor Department notified the Office of Management and Budget that it intends to rescind the current rule (FLSA Sec. 203 “m”) that restaurant owners can only distribute pooled tips to employees “who customarily and regularly receive tips.” The newly proposed change (29 CFR 531) would effectively return the rule … Read More

It’s Time to Start Preparing Your 1099 Forms For 2017

November 8, 2017By Robert A Benson

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to start gathering the necessary information from your vendors to file your 2017 1099s. January 31, 2018 is the IRS deadline to file your 2017 1099 forms electronically. In order to obtain the necessary information to file your 1099-MISC, you will need to request a complete … Read More

Client Profile: Bottlefish

September 6, 2017By Robert A Benson

The vibrant community of Brentwood has a new destination for amazing seafood, craft cocktails, and a well-appointed wine list, Bottlefish. Developed by the founders of California Pizza Kitchen, the restaurant is centered around responsibly sourced seafood, grilled specialties, and an extensive oyster bar. Under the supervision of Steven Rich, Bottlefish is an entirely different concept … Read More

The State of The Onion – A Look at the Foodservice Industry

September 5, 2017By Robert A Benson

The Numbers The Foodservice industry continues to have a large footprint in the American Economy. The Restaurant Industry annual sales are expected to reach $799 Billion in 2017 and currently employs 14.7 Million people. That means 14 percent of all retail sales and 11 percent of all jobs in the United States come from the … Read More

How Two Words Can Make Your Restaurant a Success

August 15, 2017By Robert A Benson

When you listen to the recent strategies on how to be a mega-successful business, you will likely hear some of the following advice: • Find a need and fulfill it. • Solve a problem. • Find your niche and then provide the best content (or some variation of that mantra). • Get 1000 followers and … Read More

The Three Reasons You Should Worry About Employee Theft

July 25, 2017By Robert A Benson

Running a successful and profitable restaurant has always been tough. With the challenges of rising employee wages, a shrinking labor force, and increasing competition, it can feel like you are fighting for an ever-shrinking slice of the food service dollar. In addition to being hawkish about performance and operational costs, there is another challenge lurking … Read More