Cyber threats lurk at every virtual corner, ensuring the security of your sensitive data is non-negotiable. As a trusted CPA firm, KROST understands the potential to compromise data security, and the significance of equipping people with essential insights to help identify and combat hidden threats. KROST emphasizes the importance of recognizing phishing attempts, setting up two-step authentications for logins, strengthening passwords to reinforce your defense system, and securely sending sensitive information via email. KROST is continuously adapting to changes in cybersecurity and prioritizing necessary training to spot these threats.

Phishing Attempts: The Notorious Gateways for Malicious Attacks

Discover the art of recognizing the subtlest of red flags and embracing proactive measures to strengthen your cybersecurity fortress. These measures should be applied to emails and text messages:

Avoid downloading attachments from unknown senders.

Never open .exe or ZIP files from email sources.

Do not open emails that were not addressed to you, and you were neither cc’d nor bcc’d.

Verify unexpected attachments with known senders through a phone call.

Be extremely careful rather than taking a risk or making a mistake, especially during critical periods or when dealing with unexpected emails.

Two-Step Authentication

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven business landscape, safeguarding sensitive financial information is essential for any reputable company. That is where two-step authentication emerges as a crucial line of defense. Passwords can be susceptible to hacking and phishing attempts. Two-step authentication adds an extra layer of protection, requiring users to provide a second form of verification, such as a unique code sent to their mobile device or a biometric scan. This robust security measure significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to client data, bolstering trust and confidence in the company’s commitment to data privacy and confidentiality. Embracing two-step authentication not only safeguards your clients but also enhances the company’s reputation as a dependable and security-conscious business in the digital age. Dashlane and BlackCloak are a couple of platforms that could assist you with managing your personal passwords.

Strengthening Passwords

One vital practice that KROST strongly advocates is the inclusion of variables with passwords. By incorporating a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, your passwords become significantly more resilient against hacking attempts. These variables add complexity, making it harder for malicious hackers to decipher passwords. Implementing this simple yet powerful strategy can fortify the protection of your accounts and ensure your financial information remains confidential and secure. KROST prioritizes the safety of your data, and recommending the use of strong, variable-based passwords is just one of the many ways KROST demonstrates our commitment to your security.

Securely Sending Sensitive Information via Email

In the dynamic realm of modern business, the seamless exchange of sensitive information is the nature of trust and credibility. To ensure you are securely sending sensitive information via email, it is essential to take these strides when necessary:

  • Encrypt email messages and attachments.
  • Password-protect attachments.
  • Use a client portal (e.g., ShareFile, myPortal, Suralink, Content Snare, etc.)

The client portal allows you to securely sync, store, and share files between each other with your personal login. However, remember, a two-step authentication and strong password should still be key elements when setting up or updating accounts. Essentially, a client portal adds another layer of protection.

By following these proactive steps, you can strengthen your defenses against phishing attempts, protecting your sensitive data, and reinforcing the cybersecurity infrastructure of your company. KROST doesn’t sponsor any of the suggested platforms, but solely recommends adding security platforms to enhance security.

Have any questions regarding digital protection? At KROST, we provide analysis and details regarding the management of cash and reporting to help you manage your business at a glance. Client Accounting Services will allow you to focus on business growth, while our CAS team provides the financial data you need. Contact us today.

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