Operational Control Questionnaire

An important first step in measuring your business’s success is to gauge your restaurant’s controls to those of other successful restaurants. Our Restaurant Control Questionnaire will help you determine what key considerations can make an impact in your business. Answer a few general questions, and we will instantly score your questionnaire and provide you with a written summary of your results and a short narrative of our findings. This will give you a better understanding of what you might be able to improve within your operations immediately.

Does any item leave the kitchen without being first entered into your POS system?
Do you know what items on your menu are best sellers and which are hurting your bottom line?
Do you write your employee schedules using a spreadsheet?
Does your chef order from his or her “gut” or intuition? Does it often look like you have too much food on the shelf on Sunday night?
Do you control pricing by receiving bids from multiple vendors, ask for specials, consider freight costs, and have advance knowledge of price increases?
Are deliveries checked for weight, quality, and pricing?
Do you agree that some menu items don’t need a written recipe, that some are the chef’s daily interpretation?
Do you need to cost our your menu more than once a year?
One of the best ways to lower your percentage of food cost is to increase sales. Yes or no?
Do you know how your competitions’ pricing compares?
Are menu items changed for seasonal increases?
Are menus priced to accomplish profit goals?
Do you “engineer” your menu?
Is a weekly & perpetual (on some items) bar inventory utilized?
Are spotting or secret shopper services a waste of time & money?
Does the Point of Sale system give a detailed bar breakdown?
Do you have a recipe file?
Is labor scheduled considering sales trends by day and hour?
Are blind staffing techniques used?
Do you always have unplanned Overtime? Split Shift?
Have you considered cutting 1/4 hour a day from the hourly staff?
Do you have a Front of the House incentive program?
Do you have a Back of the House incentive program?
Do you have a manager incentive program based upon controllable results?
Have you developed an overhead expense budget?
Did you negotiate a good lease?
Are “replacements” or small wares bills analyzed?
Are linen & laundry bills analyzed?
Are credit card rates reviewed & bid out?
Do you bid out your insurance rates & have your coverage reviewed?
Are utility bills reviewed & trends analyzed?
Do you have weekly financial statements (by day)?
Are key financial data reviewed daily & in weekly meetings?
Are financial findings/trends acted upon?
Are perpetual inventories used for key items?

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