Financial Services Sector

We offer specialized niche services in a narrow band of industries including the financial services sector. Our focus is on management companies and their investment vehicles. We have assisted the management companies of Hedge Funds, Money Managers, Private Equity Firms and their principals with a wide range of accounting and tax services for the last 15 years. We are prepared to address the implications of specific financial industry issues. » Details



We understand that serving restaurateurs involves more than just tax and accounting expertise; it requires knowledge of daily operations, awareness of changing legislation, and experience in identifying areas of improvement and providing solutions that work. Our years of expertise in the industry enables us to help restaurants with financial and operational challenges, and reach long-term success. » Details



KROST has a niche in the grocery & hospitality industry. Our focus is recognizing opportunities for clients by equipping them with the tools to make better business and financial decisions for the future. The shareholders and staff utilize their expertise to help grocers realize their true potential and maximize their return on investment. Our affiliated specialty tax business allows us to help clients minimize tax and generate cash flow to grow their businesses. Some of our clients include Vallarta Supermarkets, Rio Ranch Market, Jons Marketplace, and etc. » Details


Manufacturing and Distribution

Clients in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries face unique business and risk management challenges. We can help facilitate your decision making process by providing valuable information and insight in all facets of accounting, tax, and internal control and by identifying tax savings opportunities specific to the industry, such as Research & Development Tax Credits, Fixed Asset Depreciation Review and Cost Segregation. To learn more, visit:


Real Estate

There are so many aspects of the real estate industry that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. At Krost we have a professional team that spends much of their time in this space providing solutions to our clients around the country. Our areas of expertise include a wide range of services within the audit, tax and advisory services for clients who develop, construct, lease, own, manage, and advise all types of real estate assets. Our clients include developers, investment companies, construction companies, REITS, and service companies.
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At KROST, we have over 35 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry working with those in front of and behind the camera to achieve their financial and professional goals. We represent numerous WGA, DGA, PGA and SAG members, as well as several Emmy and Academy Award nominees and winners. Our knowledgeable staff can navigate loan out corporations, Guild, and pension issues, and also has experience handling state withholding and corporate registrations for California corporations doing business in other states.
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Here at KROST, we understand the unique challenges applicable to the Technology industry from start-ups to well-established businesses. Pioneering companies within the Technology industry utilize innovative and unconventional methods to provide value to end users. Our experienced team of trusted advisors have the expertise necessary to assist Technology companies to navigate and thrive in this complex business environment. » Details



Working in a nonprofit organization is more than just a job, it’s because you believe in more. We know that you are wearing multiple hats, finding ways to increase awareness for your cause, and fundraising above and beyond the regular duties of your role. At KROST, we understand your needs and our wide range of services are available to help you achieve your goals. » Details


Others include:

• Retail
• Professional Services