Manufacturing & Distribution

At KROST, we embody a collaborative and learning culture where we translate complex business matters into easily understandable ideas. As a result of these core values, our Manufacturing and Distribution Industry Group provides quality business advice to support our clients’ needs. We have created a specialty suite of services that specifically caters to our manufacturing and distribution clients. We have experience servicing clients in a variety of sectors such as aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, consumer products, food and beverage, industrial parts, wholesale distribution, and more.


Tax Planning Services
KROST’s foundation of core services was built on our ability to make complex tax planning available to middle market companies. Since 1939, we have developed an approach to specifically cater to our manufacturing and distribution tax clients. We have been at the forefront of tax planning strategies that were previously only available to Fortune 500 companies.

Advisory and Consulting Services
Our advisory and consulting services include strategies to make businesses operate smoother. Our focus has been to collaborate, understand processes, and provide meaningful recommendations to safeguard businesses.

Compliance Services
Our manufacturing and distribution compliance services include compliance matters that are required to be performed for the Government, lenders, or investors. We work collaboratively with companies to complete these services with the necessary quality that ensures the information provided is accurate.

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