Real Estate

There are many aspects of the real estate industry that require in-depth knowledge and expertise. At KROST, we have a professional team that spends a tremendous amount of time dedicated in this space to provide solutions to clients nationwide. Our areas of expertise include a wide range of tax, audit, and advisory services. We have extensive experience working with all property types including commercial, residential, and multi-family. Our clients include developers, as well as investment, construction, and property management companies.

Tax Planning and Compliance Services

Tax planning is important to the success of your business and as experts, we provide the best tax planning strategies to help minimize tax impact and boost your cash flow. As all real estate businesses rely heavily on capital investment, our professional team has in-depth knowledge on various tax strategies to help you achieve your goals:

Advisory and Consulting Services

Besides tax planning, having accurate and timely financial data is crucial for business owners to make smart and sensible business decisions. Our professional team has the necessary skills to help analyze your business' financial situation and develop internal controls to safeguard your assets.


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