KROST CPAs’ internship programs are geared towards college students who are interested in pursuing a career in accounting and seeking an entry into the public accounting world. The internship program strives to prepare students for a career in public accounting by strengthening their tax or accounting foundation through practical application of knowledge gained through college courses as well as knowledge gained during the internship. At our industry leading firm, interns can expect to be set up for success. We work hard and play hard, as such, we promote a casual work environment that is fun and provides opportunities to build relationships with colleagues. Learn more about our interns below.


  • Current student pursuing degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, or related field
  • Minimum Overall GPA 3.0 and Minimum Major GPA 3.2
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Proficient English language communication skills
  • A demonstrable plan for CPA eligibility and passing the CPA exam


  • Help prepare individual and corporate tax returns
  • Learn tax compliance
  • Transactional accounting entry and review
  • Hands on training with several accounting and tax software programs
  • Build a strong tax or accounting foundation through projects and engagements
  • Assist with the preparation of various miscellaneous tax forms for business clients
  • Learn tax compliance, assist on research and consulting projects

How To Apply

To apply for our internships visit:

Our mentoring program is designed to pair you with an experienced staff member, who will coach and guide you in taking the next steps in your career.

Our Orientation & Assimilation Program helps to establish a strong foundation in which to develop your career. Our goal is to put you on a path from entry level to management.

Achieve your career goals and develop work experience through hands-on, daily practice while working on assignments with real clients.

Our Interns Shared Their Experience

“My internship experience at KROST has truly been remarkable. I had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional colleagues, who not only guided my professional growth but also helped hone my skills and deepened my understanding of tax matters. The team fostered a culture of openness and collaboration and was always ready to address any questions I had, whether they pertained to procedures or tax return preparation. This supportive environment made each day in the office a joy as I looked forward to working alongside talented professionals. With each passing day, I gained valuable insights and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape my future career in accounting.“
Codie Gonzales, CSUN
Tax Intern

“My tax internship experience was everything I hoped for and more. I was able to meet and get to know so many great people whilst growing my knowledge of tax. Everyone from the staff level to the principals has been very welcoming and friendly, and even going out of their way to help when needed. I was fortunate to be a part of a tax team that sees themselves as good friends instead of a cluster of employees who only work together to get the job done. I appreciate the culture and environment this company stands in as it is evident by the employees that they enjoy what they do and are willing to include the new hires and interns. I am thankful to KROST for giving me this opportunity and am especially grateful to the tax team for providing me with a wonderful experience. I am proud of my growth as I believe it has made me a more well-rounded tax preparer. There still is so much to learn, but I appreciate the foundation KROST has given me.“
Kevin Andrade, Cal Poly Pomona
Tax Intern

“I started my time as an Accounting Intern at KROST during busy season, which turned out to be such an enjoyable experience. The managers and staff were incredibly supportive and patient with me as I trained on new projects and everyone in the office was eager to help answer any questions I had. Working on the same projects as full-time staff and managers provided me with a sense of achievement in knowing that I was never limited to the types of tasks I could work on. Within the span of four months, I gained experience with several different accounting procedures and software. As I progress through my accounting education at USC, I am more motivated than ever to continue building my accounting background, having seen a glimpse into what my future career could look like. I’m so grateful to everyone at KROST for the most amazing experience!”
Nicole Kradjian, USC
Accounting Intern

Artak Atabekyan

"My KROST internship has been a great overall experience filled with learning, networking, and fun. In the beginning, I felt a little lost with so much new information being thrown my way but thankfully the team around me was able to assist me. Through their guidance, I was able to understand the complexities of tax with all its laws and regulations. I am still learning and experiencing new factors of this department day by day and am thrilled to become proficient in this field. I realized that our jobs have a huge impact on our clients which makes me happy to have this opportunity. I look forward to learning and gaining experience with the help of my colleagues throughout the rest of my internship here at KROST.”
Artak Atabekyan, CSUN
Tax Intern

“KROST provides valuable Zoom training and resources that guided me through my practice returns. My buddies are always here to check in on me, address my concerns, and answer my questions. The firm’s open-door policy allows me to maintain effective communication with my manager. I am grateful for the hard skills and soft skills I have learned so far, as KROST allowed me to realize that growth is fully fostered in an environment where endless support and opportunities coexist.”
Yvonne Yao, CSUN
Tax Intern

Yvonne Yao
Jordan Simon

“During my tax internship at KROST in the West LA office, I had the privilege of connecting and socializing with my coworkers and mentors. My team’s constant support created a productive and inclusive environment where I learned invaluable lessons and gained practical experience in the corporate workforce. Their guidance and mentorship enhanced my growth and contributed significantly to my overall internship experience.”
Jordan Simon, Indiana University's Kelley School of Business
Tax Intern

“As an accounting intern at KROST, I've felt incredibly supported throughout my journey. The managers and staff in my department gave me invaluable training with hands-on experience in the field. I was able to utilize and get comfortable with multiple software and procedures in a short period of time. I learned so much and am so grateful to have had this opportunity to work with the amazing team at KROST.”
Youjin Song, USC
Accounting Intern

Youjin Song
Bryan Thai

“At the beginning of my internship, I was a bit nervous, but my team did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable. They were very helpful in answering any questions and concerns I had. The work culture is amazing. It is exactly what I look for in a company. I would come back if I had the chance.”
Bryan Thai, UCI
Assurance & Advisory Intern

“Since this is my first tax internship, I had no idea of what to expect. Thankfully, I had a great manager and staff to help me acclimate and learn a lot about return preparation. Everyone on the team was willing to help answer my questions and guide me along. My internship with KROST has taught me many valuable skills that I can use to help further my career goals.”
Emma Khachatryan, CSUN
Tax Intern

Emma Khachatryan
Parsia Javadivand

“This is my second internship in the professional tax field. Compared to my previous experience, KROST is a place where everyone works as a team and lends a hand to help one another. So far, it’s been a great opportunity to start my career.”
Parsia Javadivand, CSUN
Tax Intern

“I am fortunate to be part of a team of people who have been supportive and encouraging to me. Throughout my internship, there has always been someone there to answer my questions or teach me new things. On top of that, the people I’ve met at KROST, spanning across different departments, have been incredibly warm and welcoming. I am grateful for the connections and memories I have made while at the firm, and I am certain they will be invaluable to me as I progress in my academic and professional careers.”
Rebecca Agazaryan, USC
M&A and Capital Markets Intern

Rebecca Agazaryan
Aaron Chhor

“While interning at KROST, I have learned so much about the accounting industry, as well as my strengths and weaknesses. Because this is my first internship, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have any prior professional experience under my belt, which made me feel a bit intimidated, but with the help of my team, I was encouraged to ask a lot of questions and learned to be patient with myself. My managers and team members always checked up on me, and with the willingness to learn, I feel like my time here at KROST is an unforgettable and life-changing experience.”
Aaron Chhor, Cal Poly Pomona
Accounting Intern

“Throughout my internship with the M&A and Capital Markets department, I have felt very welcome and supported during work hours and after work hours. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can ask questions without hesitation to aid my learning, not only in my professional development but also in my personal growth. In addition, the firm has motivated me to also work on my physical well-being and health by joining the Running Club, hosted by my favorite manager in the M&A department.”
Kelly Qi, UCLA
M&A and Capital Markets Intern

Kelly Qi
Hani Musa

“My internship experience at KROST was nothing short of wonderful and educational. I was warmly welcomed into a dynamic and collaborative environment where the staff generously shared their expertise and guided me every step of the way. The exposure to diverse projects and assignments provided me with great knowledge of how the industry really works. I am confident that this experience will serve as a strong foundation for my future success, empowering me to excel and make a meaningful impact in my career.”
Hani Musa, CSUN
Tax Intern

“My summer internship at KROST has been a new experience and allowed me to explore tax as a professional career. Coming into my internship, I was unsure of whether this industry would be a possible path for me, but my experience with the firm allowed me to see the different sides of accounting. I enjoyed the process of learning and was given many opportunities to network and bond with my coworkers. I would like to give a special thanks to my buddy, Anna, for her support throughout my internship. I really enjoyed meeting my fellow tax interns and the chance to learn no matter the outcome.”
Helen Han, USC
Tax Intern

Helen Han
Alex Medina

“This summer, I was given the opportunity to Intern with KROST and connect with amazing people. I did not know what to expect on my first day, but I was glad to learn that we were given a buddy to help support and guide us on our adventure. My buddy, Anna, is such a caring and amazing person who sacrificed and made time for us whenever we needed help. With her guidance, along with the rest of the West LA team, I was able to explore the world of tax and attained a depth of knowledge I can utilize in the future. I took advantage of learning how to prepare 1040s, 568s, 1041s, 706s, as well as other important tax regulations. Some of the best experiences with KROST included being able to network within the firm by having lunches with managers and partners. They were so welcoming and happy to see an intern reaching out to ask questions and be interested in their departments’ responsibilities. I am extremely thankful for having the chance to sit and talk with everyone at KROST and I appreciate the support and culture from the staff at West LA. I look forward to my future and will use what I have learned to establish a foundation for my success in the accounting world.”
Alex Medina, CSUN
Tax Intern

“I am beyond grateful for the invaluable opportunities KROST has provided for me. As someone who had no first-hand experience in the professional industry, I had doubts regarding my qualifications. However, I soon came to realize that the people at KROST were patient and amicable in providing guidance throughout the duration of my internship. Interning in the Assurance & Advisory department has allowed me to receive hands-on experience in this line of work and has played a pivotal role in fostering both my personal and professional growth. The supportive and collaborative environment within my team nurtured a strong sense of camaraderie and made every challenge a learning experience.”
Haley Chung, UCLA
Assurance & Advisory Intern

Haley Chung

Hiring for the Future

We are always looking for bright, energetic college students seeking to further their growth in public accounting.