The Four New Things You Need to Know About Tip Pooling

April 10, 2018By KROST

Number One: A Little History In 1974, Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to allow employers to pay tipped workers less than federal minimum wage if the workers’ gratuities made up the difference. (The Tip Credit) In 2010, a federal court ruled (Cumbie v. Woody Woo Inc.,596 F 3d 577, 9th Cir) that if … Read More

3 Types of Due Diligence to Consider Prior to Buying a Business

April 10, 2018By Paren Knadjian

There is no single process that everybody follows when purchasing a business, and there are many factors that determine whether a business, once bought, will fulfill its desired purpose. But if there is one thing that will mitigate the chances of failure, and increase the chances of success, it is conducting detailed due diligence on … Read More

Free Ride Home After Drinking?

March 22, 2018By Gina Gross

Alcohol-Impaired Driving In 2015, alcohol-impaired driving (involving a driver or motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 grams per deciliter or higher) contributed to 914 deaths or 28.8% of all traffic fatalities in California. On January 1, 2018, California joined 44 other states and the District of Columbia allowing free rides for … Read More

Lunch Business – Old & New

March 22, 2018By Jean Hagan

I grew up outside of Philadelphia (so yes – Fly Eagles Fly)! I’m not going to disclose my age and will hereafter refer to this time as “back in the day”. So, back in the day, there was a famous restaurant near Head House Square called Bookbinders. Opened in 1893, It was originally referred to … Read More

The Adventures of the Restaurant Site Assessment

March 22, 2018By Robert A. Benson

Here at KROST, we have conducted several Restaurant Site Assessment (RSA) to help give owners and operators an insight into their processes and procedures and we wanted to share some of the interesting issues that we have come across. Sometimes, they even surprise us. At a full-service restaurant, after a 10-minute introduction, we asked the … Read More

Restaurant Industry Tax Update

March 22, 2018By KROST

As the dust is settling from tax reform, restaurant owners should be aware of some changes that may have a substantial impact on their tax liability, both positively or negatively. In this post, we discuss the rules related to capital expenses and depreciation for restaurateurs that own buildings or have paid for significant improvements to … Read More

Client Profile: El Cholo Cafe

March 22, 2018By Robert A. Benson

We are fortunate to have clients that are an integral part of the history of dining in Los Angeles such as El Cholo Cafe. El Cholo Cafe traces its history all the way back to their first restaurant, which opened in 1924 on Broadway and Santa Barbara Street (near the Coliseum). It has remained a … Read More

Does the New Tax Code Affect Your Business?

March 21, 2018By Jean Hagan

There are several changes in the new tax code that may or may not affect your sales. We are particularly concerned about lunch and daytime event sales, as these are the areas that could be affected the most. Code section 13304 in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) amends the IRC section 274 about … Read More