We are fortunate to have clients that are an integral part of the history of dining in Los Angeles such as El Cholo Cafe.

El Cholo Cafe traces its history all the way back to their first restaurant, which opened in 1924 on Broadway and Santa Barbara Street (near the Coliseum). It has remained a family business starting George Salisbury in 1926 all the way to the Fourth Generation, Blair Salisbury and the El Cholo at Paseo Colorado on historic Colorado Blvd in Pasadena.

Under the supervision of Blair and the operating partner, Diego Fernandez, El Cholo offers a warm inviting décor highlighting their long history while remaining fun and exciting. They feature two large covered patios perfect for warm nights with an ice-cold margarita and Guacamole made fresh at the table.

The menu is a combination of traditional authentic Mexican classics done right from scratch and many of them have the creation date printed next to them like Carmen’s Original Nachos (1959) and Sonora Style Enchilada which features a special tomato-onion-cilantro broth and a fried egg which dates back to 1923.

In addition to their authentic Mexican Food, El Cholo Paseo features a world-class Tequila list featuring over 105 different selections from all over Mexico. Don’t worry, they have Tequila Flights so you can try all the different varieties from the Blanco’s of Guanajuato to the Extra Anejos from the Jalisco Highlands.

If you are craving a delicious Mexican meal served with genuine hospitality, El Cholo Paseo is your next stop. You can enjoy all their great history and make some of your own.

It is our pleasure to have them as our clients.