Keith’s hard work and dedication to the needs of his clients have been hallmarks of his time at KROST, and as the industry leader for KBI he has taken his client service to the next level.

In implementing KBI, Keith and his team of analysts have leveraged raw data from client systems into dynamic reports that provide real insights catered to the Company and their industry.

Executives across industries are now using KBI to analyze key performance indicators effectively, and without taking hours to compile information across multiple reporting systems. Schedule a demonstration with Keith and see what KBI can provide for your practice.

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We are proud to recognize Keith as an integral member of the KROST team and of the Los Angeles minority CPA community.

Keith Hamasaki, CPA, DirectorKeith Hamasaki
Assurance & Advisory, Manufacturing & Distribution, Not-for-Profit
With over a decade of consulting experience, Keith specializes in Audit and Business Advisory services to emerging and middle market companies in areas such as process improvement, internal controls, technical GAAP accounting implementation, and procedural review assessments. As someone who has consistently overcome challenges, Keith has developed an expertise in a variety of industries including Real Estate and construction, Financial Services, Technology, digital media, Restaurants, Hospitality, Not-for-Profit organizations, and employee benefit plans. » Full Bio