PPC’s Guide to Restaurants and Bars helps restaurateurs balance the need for operational controls and timely management reports with the demands of the hospitality industry. It is designed to be used for both CPAs who have restaurant & bar clients and restaurateurs who want to improve their operations.

The PPC’s guide covers various operational areas of restaurants and bars, including the revenue cycle, portion costs and controls, menu pricing and evaluation, purchasing and inventory, and personnel matters. It addresses developing management reports, financial statements, restaurant operations, starting and acquiring restaurants, inventory capitalization, and other important tax considerations. In addition, the Guide provides practical guidance for practitioners who provide accounting and consulting services to their restaurant clients.

The guide contains numerous practice aids, including financial statement disclosure checklists, illustrative financial statements, and management forms and questionnaires, all tailored to meet the needs of restaurant and bar operations.

This guide has been updated to include relevant technical developments as of September 2012 and is current as of Financial Accounting Standard Board Accounting Standards Update No. 2012-03.

Greg Kniss, the current Chairperson of KROST is the Co-Author of this book. Greg has been involved in the firm’s tax and business consulting practice for over 35 years and is an expert in the restaurant industry. » Read Greg's Full Biography

PPC's Guide to Restaurant and Bars is available for purchase at Thomson Reuters.
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