PPP Budgeting and Forgiveness Maximization Tool + 1 Hour of Consulting


UPDATED as of 07/01/2020**

The PPP Budgeting and Forgiveness Maximization Tool allows you to budget and plan the use of PPP loan proceeds, on a month-by-month basis, to maximize forgiveness. This includes detailed staff planning, minimizing loan forgiveness reductions, and ensuring non-payroll related costs remain within the allotted 40%. You can also enter the actual expenditure for all those expenses as they occur, and the tool gives you a monthly actual vs budget report. Finally, the tool automatically calculates all the fields that are required to fill-out the loan forgiveness application.

With this purchase, you will receive an hour of consulting to assist you in the implementation of the calculator.

OR purchase the calculator only for $250.00

Current KROST clients may receive 1 download of this product for free. Please contact your relationship manager for details



Updates on the PPP Loan Program & PPP Budgeting and Forgiveness Maximization Tool Demo – WEBINAR (June 24, 2020)
Demo begins at 00:23:00