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After recognizing that restaurant operators needed to leverage technology to serve their Business Intelligence requirements, Ctuit Software was founded in January 2000. The company was among the very first organizations to pioneer a “software as a service” (SaaS) or “application service provider” solution. From casual to fine dining concepts, Ctuit has the full spectrum of front and back of house positions. Its’ POS systems help consult small and medium restaurant chains. Ctuit’s brick and mortar “value-for-your-money” philosophy has ensured Ctuit continual profitable growth and a loyal set of clients.

Business Phone Number: 818-330-1514
Contact Name: Gina Gross

Executive I.T. Support is a Company devoted to solving your PC and Mac related problems. Our computer support technicians are certified and have the experience needed to provide you with computer support for either your home or business. The company’s record of service is unmatched in the computer service industry, gaining praise from homeowners and businesses, alike. Our Computer Support Technicians deliver fast, onsite, consumer friendly and professional mobile computer support to homes and businesses in the Southern California area.

Business Phone Number: 818-489-1058
Contact Name: Alan Zalmanowitz

Orca Inventory is cloud-based first in class inventory, ordering, and reporting system for restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and bars. Orca makes restaurant operations easy with countless integrations for POS systems, vendors, and accounting. If you are having trouble with controlling cost, not sure what your cost is, or want to improve your current operations, then Orca Inventory is the only choice.

Business Phone Number: 888-713-9309 ext 711
Contact Name: Paul Sofsky
Restaurant 365

Restaurant accounting is the cornerstone of Restaurant365® Software’s cloud-based, all-inclusive accounting, operations and reporting solution. It’s the only truly browser-based accounting software developed specifically for restaurants and positions concepts for growth. The company’s developers built connectors, import functions and an open API to truly enable the platform to “talk” to more than 70 other systems including POS providers, payroll processors, vendors and banks. The result is real integration of transactional and detail information. With more than 800 customers worldwide, Restaurant365 specializes in independent, multi-unit chains, franchisors, franchisees of multiple concepts, accounting partners and large enterprise deals. For more information, please visit

Business Phone Number: 651-428-7535
Contact Name: Chris Wicker