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Bent Caryl & Kroll, LLP concentrates its practice on advising and defending employers before all state and federal courts and agencies. The firm handles nearly all employment-related issues including outsourced human resources support, handbook review, training, and litigation defense. The firm’s clients range from individuals, small business owners, and Fortune 500 corporations, and it routinely defends claims such as wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination and wage and hour class actions.

Business Phone Number: 323-315-0510
Contact Name: Jesse Caryl
Elkins Employment Law

Elkins Employment Law, exclusively representing employers, provides counseling and advice to clients pertaining to the day-to-day concerns that arise in the workplace working.  Elkins Employment Law is also available to provide California mandated harassment avoidance training and on a variety of other personnel best practices topics.

Business Phone Number: 818-598-6771
Contact Name: Cindy Elkins

Kendr was imagined by co-founder Beth Schroeder, an employment defense lawyer, who has spent 30 years trying to find ways to help her clients avoid expensive litigation. After long depositions listening to employees testify they didn’t know how to reach HR, were afraid to report, lost their handbooks, or forgot the hotline number, she was determined to find a way that employees could always safely contact HR without fear of reprisal… and put an end to these lawsuits. Employees can download a free app that allows direct access to HR or management so they can safely (anonymously if desired) report any issues at work so employees feel heard.

Business Phone Number: 323-420-3311
Contact Name: Jeremy Light

Raines Feldman LLP is a team of highly experienced transactional and litigation attorneys from some of the nation’s biggest and most elite law firms. Their practice stands at the global crossroads of finance, technology, media and real estate. They counsel the next wave of Los Angeles and international business and help their clients fund, organize, grow, protect and thrive.

Business Phone Number: 310-730-4397
Contact Name: Beth Schroeder

Practice areas include business organization, corporate law, real estate law and contract law.  Representing hospitality, restaurant and technology clients in a wide variety of transactional matters, including entity formation, commercial lease negotiation, corporate governance, contract negotiation, trademarks and licensing.

Business Phone Number: 310-388-4874
Contact Name: Anderson Jonas
The Zaller Law Group, PC

The Zaller Law Group, PC is a law firm dedicated to assisting California businesses with employment and business legal issues. We help companies of all sizes with almost every type of employment legal issue facing California employers. We advise and defend employers in class actions, PAGA representative actions, harassment/discrimination/retaliation claims, governmental investigations/audits, and provide advice and counseling on policy development and difficult employment issues. Our firm is a partnered law firm with the California Restaurant Association and understands the issues facing the hospitality industry specifically, and also represents clients in the manufacturing, tech/startup, hotel, retail and aviation industries in California.

Business Phone Number: 323-592-3505
Contact Name: Anthony Zaller