The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance represents over 1,200 member restaurant and lodging properties, tourist-related entities, and industry-related service companies. These members help make the foodservice, hospitality, and tourism industries Alabama's second-largest employer, and one of the state's most politically-active and public service-oriented industries.

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Since 1964, Alaska CHARR has been representing your interests at the local, state and national government levels. Now we'd like to represent you in the courtroom as well. Alaska CHARR is moving forward with a significant initiative to support the rights of hospitality industry businesses and the 25,000+ employees that make up our industry.

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The ARA represents all factions of the restaurant community and has a robust list of member benefits to assist every business from Quick Service to Fine Dining to our Vendor Members who supply goods and services to restaurants.

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The American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP) has been established as a non-profit corporation in response to the growing need for education, credentials, technical standards and a Code of Ethics within the cost segregation industry.

The American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP) has been established as a non-profit corporation in response to the growing need for education, credentials, technical standards and a Code of Ethics within the cost segregation industry.

Membership will be open to all individuals that meet the standards currently set by ASCSP. The Society is headquartered in Wilmington, DE.

The ASCSP was created to provide organizational oversight on an industry where there was none.

The ASCSP’s goal is to provide its members with educational programs and continuing education programs; create and maintain minimum quality standards, and provide a Code of Ethics.

ASCSP will establish, monitor and upgrade (as needed) these programs and standards for the industry through the implementation of certification and training.
Additionally, ASCSP will openly solicit and accept input in order to establish the standards by which cost segregation reports will meet the “Principal Elements of a Quality Cost Segregation Study and Report” as delineated in the Audit Techniques Guide for Cost Segregation Studies promulgated by the taxing authority.ASCSP has been formed with the goal of establishing a measurable standard by which cost segregation consultants can be evaluated both from a business practice standpoint as well as actual quality of deliverables.

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The California Restaurant Association provides ultimate access to the resources and support restaurant professionals need to lead thriving businesses, while serving as conscientious, contributing members of an unparalleled industry.

California is home to more than 90,000 eating and drinking places that ring up more than $58 billion in sales and employ more than 1.4 million workers, making restaurants an indisputable driving force in the state's economy. As the oldest restaurant association in the United States, we have built a powerful slate of advocates and a reputation as the definitive voice of the state's restaurant and hospitality industry – in city halls, the state Capitol and on Capitol Hill.

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Founded in 1933, the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) is the leading trade organization for the state's dynamic foodservice industry. Together with the CRA Education Foundation, the CRA represents, educates and promotes an industry comprised of more than 10,000 eating and drinking establishments that provide Colorado with:

• More than 230,000 jobs - more jobs than any other non-government employer
• $8 billion in annual sales
• $1.36 in sales for other industries for every $1 spent in restaurants
• Thousands of appetizing, healthy and nourishing choices

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The Connecticut Restaurant Association (CRA) is a full service, nonprofit trade association dedicated to support every type and size of restaurant. We are advocates for the Connecticut restaurant industry, a hub for information and a platform for networking. We commit ourselves to offering cost effective benefits and resources you need to run a profitable business. The CRA has been a vital part of the state's hospitality industry since 1973. Founded as the "Associated Restaurants of Connecticut," the AROC as it was called, served its members through educational and training programs, as well as its ongoing legislative efforts.

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The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association is among the most influential trade associations in Florida. The association was established in 1946 to represent the restaurant industry. Since that time, the scope of FRLA's representation has expanded to include the entire hospitality industry including lodging establishments, restaurants and thousands of suppliers to the industry. The association counts among its members some of the largest businesses in each of these categories.

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The GRA and NRA are focused on areas that determine your business' short- and long-term success:

Profitability and Entrepreneurship: Restaurants operate on tight margins - approximately 3% before taxes on average, which is much lower than many other industries.
Jobs and Careers: The restaurant industry faces a long-term, structural employment problem.
Food and Healthy Living: The Association needs to be involved from "farm to fork" to help drive industry and regulatory change to meet the growing demands of safety and nutrition.
Sustainability and Social Responsibility: The restaurant industry needs to meet the opportunities.

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The GRA is a national non-profit organization that provides a convenient and cost-effective way for restaurants, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers to become more environmentally responsible. Founded in 1990, The Green Restaurant Association, an international nonprofit organization, has pioneered the Green Restaurant® movement as the leading voice within the industry, encouraging restaurants to green their operations using transparent, science-based certification standards. With its turnkey certification system, the GRA has made it accessible for thousands of restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable in Energy, Water, Waste, Food, Chemicals, Disposables, & Building.

Operating in 41 States and Canada, the GRA works with restaurants, manufacturers, and distributors to fulfill its mission of greening the restaurant industry. The GRA has been recognized in thousands of media over the years, including Time Magazine, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, Fox News, & NBC Nightly News.

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