KROST’s Restaurant Practice Leader, Jean Hagan is proudly representing KROST at the 24th annual Elizabeth Burns Lifetime Achievement Award Gala on Friday, June 2nd, 2023, in Santa Monica. The California Restaurant Association(CRA) will be honoring our client, John Tallichet, President, and CEO of Specialty Restaurant Corporation.

John Tallichet has been a committed member of the CRA and actively gives back to his community. We are excited to support John and recognize his valuable accomplishments. We know first-hand how John has overcome the unique challenges of this industry, and it is an honor to see him thrive. We congratulate him for this well-deserved recognition and thank him for his efforts. We are lucky to have John Tallichet as a client. We look forward to continue working with him and other prominent leaders, to support their growth and success in the restaurant industry.

As a full-service Certified Public Accounting and Consulting firm, we work with various clients across different industries, but we are known for our restaurant consulting. We are the original restaurant experts of Pasadena, offering industry-specific services, valuable financial advice, and an extensive resource center for restaurants across California. Our team is made up of industry experts who have been in the food sector for over 30 years. Our professionals truly understand the industry’s unique challenges, from COGs to maintaining service quality and customer loyalty. At KROST, we are dedicated to the success of businesses in the restaurant industry. We provide custom-tailored solutions to meet our client’s unique goals and evolve with their ever-changing businesses.

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