Camacho’s Incorporated is a full-service food and beverage company specializing in the management of restaurants. It oversees a workforce of more than 500 employees who work in a unique collection of restaurants located in high-profile destinations throughout Southern California. The management team at Camacho’s Incorporated ensures that each operation is able to achieve its greatest potential of excellence and hospitality. Camacho’s Incorporated provides a high level of management expertise and efficiency, particularly in the following areas:
• Operational Support
• Financial Goal Setting and Support
• Public Relations and Marketing Support
• Human Resources and Employee Benefits
• Internal Consulting
• Legal and Administrative Support
• Analysis of Growth Opportunities

“The decision to work with the team at KROST has been a true game-changer for my company. Their collective knowledge of our industry is second to none. Together we have created practical and cost-effective solutions for both our accounting and restaurant operational needs. We are now, without a doubt, built to last. Greg Kniss, Jean Hagan, Donna Bateman and the rest of the Krost team have been outstanding to work with. We are very fortunate to have Krost & Guerrero as a trusted advisor and we encourage our colleagues in the industry to learn more about them. You will not be disappointed.”

Don Luis Camacho
Camacho’s Incorporated
845 N. Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Office: (213) 626-5554
Fax: (213) 626-5524