Join us for our upcoming webinar Pro Forma – Projecting the Financial Future of Your Restaurant on Tuesday, June 21st at 10AM PST. During this session, industry expert, Derek Johnson, will discuss the current success rate of restaurants and the primary reasons they don’t succeed. In addition, we will review how proper planning and realistic model assumptions can help to establish an objective evaluation of your viability in the marketplace. Finally, we will highlight the necessary components of what constitutes a good business pro forma and how it can benefit you going forward.


  • Discuss the challenges of opening a new restaurant concept or additional location
  • Define what a pro forma is and how it is produced
  • Highlight the value and utility of having a pro forma and how it can influence you to make better business decisions


About the Speaker

Derek Johnson, Manager
Restaurant, Hospitality

Derek is a Restaurant Practice Manager at KROST. He has 15 years of operational and leadership experience with a variety of restaurant concepts. Derek prides himself in keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest restaurant technology available, and spends time networking with the community and attending educational seminars to learn and share ideas and insights. » Full Bio