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KROST’s managing Partner Greg Kniss has announced a new partnership with Ctuit. “We have been working with Ctuit as a way to bring valuable information to our clients to assist them in increasing their profit margins,” noted Kniss.

Single and smaller multi-unit restaurant companies need the same tools that larger corporations find useful. Ctuit RADAR provides a complete above-store, an analytical reporting tool that gives restaurant managers, owners and operators deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and manage operations. This information is critical for making decisions that improve profitability by increasing sales and lowering costs.

“One challenge unique to the restaurant industry is that restaurants are fluid and constantly changing environments,” says Rob D’Ambrosia, president and CEO of Ctuit. “Restaurant operators have to be consummate multitaskers, and it’s very difficult to pull the fragmented parts together. Ctuit offers a central place to better understand the overall business.”

Ctuit RADAR is a complete cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution; meaning data is securely available anywhere in the world when accessed via a computer or mobile device. Highly configurable online dashboards can help an operator navigate through data and improve strategic planning. The solution interfaces seamlessly with all major accounting and payroll packages, saving labor and preventing data entry errors. Drilldown charts can be generated to monitor all types of data to assist operators to investigate variances’ quickly.

KROST is a leader in the restaurant industry providing a compliment of services including, but not limited to, tax consulting, planning and compliance, bookkeeping and accounting, reviews and audits, and operational consulting. The firm also provides other unique services beneficial to the industry including Cost Segregation and Employment Tax Credit consulting.