Friends find a business in the Dog Haus

After a couple of beers, there have been plenty of conversations about how much fun it would be to open a restaurant together but it usually doesn’t make as much sense the next day. In the case of Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz and Andre Vener it actually did make sense and became a reality.

After several different business ventures, Giragossian and Riaz united with Vener to redefine the hot dog. Since college, the original idea was an eatery called “What Up, Dog!” which quickly became The Dog Haus.

Opening their first store in Pasadena across for the community college in 2010, it was apparent from the opening that people love hot dogs. The atmosphere in any Dog Haus is always fun. It is so different from walking into any other place – everyone is smiling and everyone is happy – to the point that the entire experience leaves you with a sense of community and well being. It’s the hot dogs!! Which in the case of Dog Haus range from simple and straightforward to complicated and culinary and cutting edge. Either way, it’s hard not to be having fun when you are eating hot dogs.

Dog Haus takes its food seriously to the point that they have a corporate Chef, Michael Brown, constantly creating new combinations and their commitment to using top of the line ingredients. Offerings include 100% beef hot dogs, Haus Sausages and 100% natural Black Angus beef burgers. In addition to the basic menu, customers can create their own from a selection of over 40 fresh toppings. The skinless hot dogs are a proprietary all-beef blend with spices.

At Thanksgiving time they offered the Plymouth Rockwurst which was comprised of Haus Sausage Turducken Smoked Sausage with cranberry mostardo, sweet potato tots, and sage gravy served on grilled Kings Hawaiian roll. Their daily and holiday creations continue year round.

Since their first opening, they have added 11 new units throughout Southern California and are expanding into Colorado and Utah this coming year.

Soft serve ice cream, beer and wine, and other components add to the experience at Dog Haus.

Dog Haus has been a KBKG client since 2009.