Pokeworks is leading the poke bowl phenomenon all the way from New York City to Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2015, Pokeworks founders wanted to share their passion for this flavor filled Hawaiian classic with of course a few twists like the Poke Burrito.

Helping with the creation of items like the “Shiso Salmon – Signature Works” is Hawaiian native chef Sheldon Simeon. Owner and executive chef of Maui’s Tin Roof and two-time Top Chef Finalist, Sheldon has become Pokeworks newest chef-collaborator.

As an environmentally wise company, Pokeworks is using natural, seasonal and sustainable ingredients in all their creations. This mindset also goes beyond the menu, Pokeworks has put an effort into using and finding sustainable building materials such as Forest Stewardship Council certified reclaimed wood which can be seen in a number of their current locations.

Pokeworks is also expected to over twenty corporate and franchise locations by the end of 2017 and has over seventy locations in development. This growth is fueled by their commitments to delicious high quality and affordable options.

We are extremely excited to have Pokeworks as our client and looking forward to helping them grow.