Restaurant operators responsible for single or multiple locations face the challenging task of quickly compiling accurate financial and operational data. Ctuit RADAR users make informed, fact-based decisions critical to success, producing savings of 2-4% in labor costs.

The Advanced Labor Scheduling module optimizes labor costs with online scheduling, overtime, and compliance monitoring. Provide projected labor costs based on forecasted or budgeted sales, allowing managers to effectively set their schedules, jobs, and employees more accurately.

Payroll Validation

Last year Ctuit introduced the Payroll Validation module, which is included with Ctuit RADAR’s base polling package. This highly configurable module allows for the customization of validation rules that will allow you to save time, money and ensure your historical labor numbers are correct.

On The Fly (Ctuit’s Mobile App)

Ctuit launched an update to their popular mobile app, On The Fly™ 1.4.

This update includes new and improved features that give mobile users the ability to view and build employee schedules and advanced ability to take inventory “on the fly.” Improvements to the critical Inventory module have already saved Ctuit Software customers countless hours and dollars. A custom number keyboard designed specifically for On The Fly’s Inventory module has been added for easy and consistent data entry from any device. This Inventory module allows users to take inventory directly from their phones or tablets, saving restaurant chefs and Management from using a sheet of paper and then entering their inventory values into RADAR on a desktop computer. Now, Ctuit RADAR users can enter inventory values directly into On The Fly using their mobile devices. Update today at Windows, App Store or Google Play.

Ctuit has plans for future improvements and will continue to enhance the popular product based on client feedback, rigorous testing and internal development.

Ongoing Support And Training

Ctuit’s Training Video collection continues to grow! Maximize your investment by utilizing free training videos, webinars and documents to provide in-depth knowledge to your new and existing users. Ctuit continues to offer ongoing training through Training Webinars, Videos and Help Files accessible through the Training Tab in the upper left corner of your database.

Contact us for more information if you are interested in the Ctuit software and would like us to help you get started.

Author: Ctuit Software