Here are a couple of other bills coming up for vote that you should keep an eye on as a restaurant or bar operator. Contact the CRA for any additional information at

AB323 (Wesley Chesbro-Arcata; would require restaurants to generate four cubic yards of food waste per week to arrange for collection and recycling services.

AB521 (Ben Hueso-San Diego; would require plastic producers to be financially responsible for a reduction of pollution in the marine environment – may impact individual food packaging products – to go’s.

AB593 (Bill Quirk-Hayward; would create an expedited alcohol license review process for restaurants while attempting to balance the protest process.

AB907 (Connie Conway; Tulare; would allow non-exempt employees to work a flexible workday up to 10 hours per day within a 40-hour workweek and relieve an employer from paying overtime for those additional workday hours.

Author: Jean Hagan

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