KROST Restaurant Management: Operational Systems and Financial Controls

KROST is happy to announce an upcoming complimentary live seminar. The new seminar is available on a quarterly basis and is limited to ten participants per session. Greg Kniss, CPA, Managing Principal, and Jean Hagan, Principal of Restaurant Operations are presenting a dynamic and valuable seminar titled “Restaurant Management: Operational Systems and Financial Controls”. The seminar is geared toward owners, operators and General Manager level restaurant professionals that want to learn more about effective control systems for both operational and accounting functions within their businesses.

Our complimentary seminar covers invaluable and informative topics such as restaurant financial analysis, profit and loss systems, tax issues, menu analysis, ACA compliance, tip compliance, payroll controls and upcoming trends in the industry. The goal of the seminar is to send participants back to their restaurants with tools to increase their profit and ease their operations issues.

The seminar is hosted at our KROST office in Pasadena. There is no fee for the seminar and more details will be posted soon.