KROST Restaurant Accountants' Secret Shopper Service is offered as a package of four Secret Shopper Reviews. The reviews will cover every aspect of the dining experience, such as facility cleanliness, steps of service, staff interactions, food and beverage quality and presentation, ambiance, and guest check accuracy. Additionally, we will work with your team to tailor the Shopper's checklist to your concept's specific areas of importance. The final report includes a scored checklist by service section, summaries that include details of the experience and staff interactions, photos of food and beverage items, and any other relevant observations. This service was designed to provide restaurant owners and operators with a high-quality review of the dining experience at their concepts from our restaurant industry experts. We are offering this service to all concept styles including fast food dine-in, fast food drive-thru, quick casual, and full service.

Secret Shopper Service Overview

1. Meeting to review the Secret Shopper template, logistics, location-specific items to be shopped, as well as any other special requests for the site visit

2. Dining experience by professional shopper with checklist, including:

  • Facility Cleanliness (photo documentation when applicable)
  • Steps of Service based on client’s service style (ex. wine presentation, specials, other)
  • Staff Interactions - noting professional language and professionalism (report includes names and descriptions)
  • Food & Beverage Quality and Presentation (documentation includes notes on portions, flavor, value, and accuracy to menu description, as well as photos for reference)
  • Ambiance Review including music, TVs, temperature, noise levels, décor
  • Guest Check Accuracy - accurate ringing, correct use of comps and voids

3. Completed Secret Shopper Checklist and Report

  • Checklist items scored Yes/No by section and totaled
  • Section summaries that include staff identifiers
  • Section summaries that include knowledgeable descriptions of the experience

4. Customizations & add-ons available upon inquiry

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