213 Ventures

213 Ventures, a management company in the hospitality industry, manages over a dozen companies and 200 employees. A company of this scope is presented challenges on a daily, almost hourly basis. We have a talented, experienced, and enthusiastic management team around us, with decades of experience combined. Having a great team with years of experience has allowed us to overcome most of these problems in-house. However, we noticed that as we grew, we didn’t always have the answers to overcome the challenges facing our quickly growing company.

"We reached out to KROST in hopes to find a solution. We got much more than a solution. We were able to forge a great working relationship that I am confident will continue for years to come. They are experts in all areas of the hospitality business and we would highly recommend them to any operators who are interested in improving the efficiency of their operations and therefore their overall bottom line."

Skyler Reeves
Director of Operations, 213 Ventures
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