Kabuki Restaurants, Inc.

"Hello, my name is Faith Kang. I am the Human Resources manager at Kabuki Restaurants, Inc.
We are a full service casual Japanese restaurant and have 17 locations in three states, California (14), Nevada (2), and Arizona (2).
Jean Hagan of KROST recommended Ctuit and it was amazing! The reports are simple and easy to understand. Their knowledge of labor law is very impressive and their feedbacks and attention to all our needs were just simply awesome.
Before Ctuit, we reviewed all 17 locations labor reports for missed clock outs, meal break penalties and split shift penalties manually and left us with liability exposure in case we missed some.
But with Ctuit, we are saving a day of work for 3 payroll administers of reviewing the reports and worry free from any liability exposures.
Also, I really want to thank Jean Hagan and Sara Lawrence for all support that they gave us."

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