Assurance & Advisory Services

Audit Services - Los Angeles CPA FirmDaily headlines remind us of the need for better financial information in today’s business environment. With the accounting standards’ greater emphasis on fraud risks and the internal control environment, auditors need to be mindful of our changing responsibilities to stakeholders. Our approach to auditing is to utilize the strong foundation of professional standards and apply those using efficient, contemporary, and cost-effective methods to arrive at a mutually desirable goal. No methodology – no matter how efficient – can replace sound judgment and high ethical standards; therefore we place the greatest emphasis on these factors.

We do what we do because we want to help our clients get to the next level of their business by providing them a quality audit and when applicable, meaningful advice and guidance.

We foster a culture of continuous learning that allows us to strengthen client relationships and maintain a quality audit. Our auditors are constantly learning and training others to perform quality audits.

Here at KROST, we deliver a high-quality product. We understand your business, the amount of time it takes you to finish your work, and the challenges faced when performing an audit. That is why we use innovative technology and time-tested procedures to systematically tackle each of the audit steps. We believe in teamwork and proactive communication, which allows us to complete the audit smoothly and achieve a mutually desired set of goals.

These are the different Assurance & Advisory services we offer at KROST:

Financial Statement Audits
Review Services
Cybersecurity Audits
Audit Prep
Employee Benefit Plan Audits
Franchise Audits
Field Audits on Behalf of Banks
Fund Audits
Investor Accounting and Reporting
Internal Control Review and Procedural Reviews
Not-For-Profit Audits
SSPA Attestation
Compilation Services
Technical Guidance Advisory
• Quality of Earnings Analysis

Jason C. Melillo, CPA

Principal, Assurance & Advisory Practice Leader
Jason leads the Certified Assurance & Advisory engagements practice. His areas of expertise range from the retail and foodservice industries to technology and business consulting. » Full Biography

Keith Hamasaki, CPA

Senior Assurance & Advisory Manager
Keith Hamasaki, CPA, is a Senior Assurance & Advisory Manager with over a decade of experience. He specializes in audit and business advisory services to emerging and middle market companies. » Full Biography

Steve Chhuor, CPA

Assurance & Advisory Manager
Steve Chhuor, CPA, is an Assurance & Advisory Manager at KROST. As a trusted advisor with nearly a decade of experience, he specializes in audit and business advisory services. » Full Biography