Assurance & Advisory Services

We understand your business, the amount of time it takes to finish your work and the challenges faced throughout the year. Armed with this knowledge, we work with our clients to provide assurance that their numbers are reasonable, and to advise the right course of action when those numbers aren’t painting the best picture of their business. Our ultimate goal is to add value to our clients, and to do that we use innovative technology and time-tested procedures to systematically tackle each of the engagement steps. We believe in teamwork and proactive communication, which allows us to complete the engagement smoothly and achieve a mutually desired set of goals.

Audit Prep

Our team will save you time by preparing audit schedules, financial statements, and technical research memos, which will help reduce cost and the duration of the audit.

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Compilation Services

We use the financial information received to prepare financial statements and identify any obvious errors. Identified errors are discussed with our clients and corrected prior to issuance of the reports.

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Cybersecurity Audits

Using a combination of audit and technical experts, we effectively and efficiently satisfy cybersecurity audit needs and provide meaningful recommendations.

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Employee Benefit Plan Audits

We have a wide breadth of experience in audits of all types of employee benefit plans including full scope, limited scope, defined benefit and ESOP.

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Field Audits on Behalf of Banks

With our experience and expertise, we effectively and efficiently perform field audits in asset based lending (ABL) on behalf of banks. Our limited scope or full scope field audit ensures that your client is using the loan for its true purpose and examines the assets to ensure that specified assertions are met.

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Financial Statement Audits

Going through a required audit can seem like a daunting process, full of complexity and time. Through our innovative techniques, we maintain the quality of our product and breakdown the complexity of the audit process to simplify steps strategically and tactically.

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Franchise Audits

Through our innovative techniques and use of technology, we maintain the quality of our product and breakdown the complexity of the audit process into simple, strategic and tactical steps.

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Fund Audits

We perform fund audits for private equity funds, venture capital, or initial coin offering (ICO) start-up funds. With our risk-based audit approach and use of technology we complete an effective and efficient audit, reducing your time.

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Internal Control Review and Procedural Reviews

Our experience with internal controls and procedural reviews allows us to identify issues and make recommendations to ensure that your company has appropriate internal control procedures implemented.

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Investor Accounting and Reporting

For your investment or real estate fund, we know that having the right information is critical to the success of your fund. We are your solution for portfolio accounting, investor accounting, books and records, and financial statement preparation.

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Not-For-Profit Audits

California Nonprofit Corporations are required to submit audited financial statements once certain criteria are met, including gross annual revenue exceeding $2 million. We are your solution to simplify the audit steps and, when appropriate, identify meaningful recommendations.

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Review Services

Our team strives to ensure the quality of our product by creating a proprietary system in conjunction with standard and required techniques to efficiently complete a review through strategic and tactical steps.

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SSPA Attestation

We complete the SSPA and help you satisfy your vendor compliance by using a combination of audit and technical experts. Our team will effectively and efficiently satisfy your SSPA GAPP needs and, when appropriate, provide meaningful recommendations.

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Technical Guidance Advisory

Understanding and complying with the upcoming GAAP guidance is extremely complex. Our team will work with you to come up with a plan and ensure that the changes are adopted in a timely manner that is both effective and painless.

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Industry-Specific Assurance & Advisory Expertise

Enjoy unique solutions developed with your specific industry in mind. Learn more about our industry niches and the teams behind them.