Audit - Highest Level of Assurance Service

KROST's audit service is our highest level of assurance that we can provide to our clients. We use a risk-based approach tailored by our understanding of your business and the technical accounting guidance. This customized approach allows us to focus on the areas that matter to you and your stakeholders. Our audit service will give you the confidence that your financial reporting is accurate and transparent. Further, at the end of each audit, we will provide you with our findings and recommendations to any internal control matters or significant accounting policies. Our clients can trust that their financial information is free from material misstatement.


  • Understanding your business
  • Knowledge of the rules
  • Document requests
  • Technical accounting expertise
  • Understanding your internal controls
  • Understanding your major contracts
  • Pre-analytics
  • General inquiries


  • Sampling selections
  • Testing, testing, testing, and more testing
  • Substantive analytics
  • Specific inquiries


  • Final analytics
  • Detail review
  • Quality control review
  • Administrative forms
  • Proposing adjustments
  • Financial reporting
  • Findings and recommendations

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