Business Management

Entertainers and athletes lead busy lives that require full attention to their form of art or sport. KROST has over 80 years of expertise providing Business Management solutions that range from monitoring income and expenses, to personal and business services. Our current clientele includes professional athletes, actors, producers, directors, writers, casting directors, high-net-worth individuals, corporate executives, business owners, and others in the sports and entertainment industry.

Our dedicated team provides professional guidance and management of entertainer’s and athlete’s income, ensuring that any contracts and deals are adhered to and received timely, as well as providing any guild and organizational reporting as required. Full accounts payable and financial record keeping are designed with the professional’s personal lifestyle in mind.

We look forward to providing innovative services designed to allow both success and peace of mind.

In addition to business management, we also provide a full suite of catered, industry-specific services including wealth management, integrated tax, and additional accounting services.