Buy-Side Due Diligence

Once a target has been selected and a Letter of Intent has been signed, buyers are granted a short exclusive period of time to conduct due diligence before finalizing the transaction. At KROST, we specialize in providing comprehensive Buy-Side due diligence services in the following areas:

      Financial/Accounting Matters:

      Our team focuses on equipping buyers with a thorough understanding of the target's sustainable gross and net margins, revenue and operating expense trends, customer analysis, working capital requirements, fixed assets and long-term liabilities, financial forecasts, as well as key personnel and accounting information systems.

      Tax Matters:

      We offer expertise in federal and state income taxes, sales and use taxes, payroll and employment taxes, property taxes, unclaimed and abandoned property/escheatment, and assessments of independent contractor versus employee classifications. Additionally, we provide insights into transfer pricing and address cross-border tax issues.

      Business Due Diligence:

      Our services extend to evaluating various aspects of the target's operations, including commercial considerations, operational efficiency, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity measures.

By engaging KROST for Buy-Side due diligence, clients can expect a comprehensive assessment of financial, tax, and operational facets, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding potential transactions.