Buy-Side M&A

At KROST, our buy-side advisory work involves assisting clients who have expressed an interest in buying a business, whether for a minority or majority position. Our process involves definition of the purchase criteria, researching and finding buyers, contacting and engaging targets, participation in management presentations, preparation of offers, arranging of financing, and deal negotiation. Once high-level terms are agreed upon we continue to be involved, running due diligence, providing Quality of Earnings reports, and supporting the legal process through to a closing of the transaction.

Our buy-side services include:

  • Defining the client’s purchase criteria including financial targets, industry verticals, and geographic location
  • Researching and finding buyers based on the purchase criteria
  • Contacting and engaging targets
  • Analyzing the target’s financials and advising on valuations
  • Producing pro forma look-back and projections of the merged entity
  • Negotiating price and deal structure to ensure tax efficiency
  • Producing multiple Indications of Interest
  • Participating in management presentations provided by targets
  • Negotiating Letters of Intent
  • Finding lenders, if the purchase is to be a leveraged transaction, from our extensive network of debt providers
  • Negotiating terms with lenders
  • Assisting with, or running, the due diligence process including, financial, organizational, operational and structural due diligence
  • Providing a Quality of Earnings reports if required
  • Producing the necessary financial information to satisfy the requirements of a lender
  • Remaining involved through to the closing of a transaction
  • Providing post-transactional services such as accounting, audit and tax services