Buy-Side M&A

The KROST Buy-Side advisory work revolves around supporting clients who are interested in acquiring a complementary or strategic business, whether as a standalone transaction or as part of a larger multi-deal roll-up strategy. Our Buy-Side services encompass a comprehensive process that includes target sourcing, deal negotiation, due diligence management, and post-close support.

Our Buy-Side services include:

  • Defining the client’s purchase criteria including financial targets, industry verticals, and geographic location.
  • Researching and finding targets based on the purchase criteria.
  • Contacting and engaging targets.
  • Analyzing the target’s financials and advising on valuations.
  • Producing pro forma look-back and projections of the merged entity.
  • Negotiating price and deal structure to ensure tax efficiency.
  • Producing multiple Indications of Interest.
  • Participating in management presentations provided by targets.
  • Negotiating Letters of Intent.
  • Finding lenders, if the purchase is to be a leveraged transaction, from our extensive network of debt providers.
  • Negotiating terms with lenders.
  • Assisting with, or running, the due diligence process including, financial, organizational, operational and structural due diligence.
  • Providing a Quality of Earnings report if required.
  • Producing the necessary financial information to satisfy the requirements of a lender (for an LBO).
  • Remaining involved through to the closing of a transaction.
  • Providing post-transactional services such as accounting, audit and tax services.