Capital Call and Distribution Management

Our Capital Call and Distribution Management Solution allows Fund Managers to rest easy knowing that their requests are completed timely and accurately.

What are Capital Calls?

A capital call is the act of collecting a portion of promised funds from investors/limited partners in a limited partnership agreement (LPA) to contribute to the Fund.

How we simplify it for you?

We prepare workbooks that are transparent with sufficient accounting detail that includes waterfall details, amount of carry, claw backs, funding instructions, capital call reconciliations, remaining capital commitments, etc.

What are Distributions?

Distributions is the method to return capital or profits from the Fund's investors.

How we simplify it for you?

We prepare detailed calculations so that the fund manager is aware of the purpose, applicable Fund fees, and accuracy of the distribution. We hold regular meetings with the Fund Managers so that we're aware of potential distributions so that we can prepare the documents beforehand and shortens the timeline when the distribution request is received.

KROST Fund Admin Solutions can help gather all the correct files and information, prepare proposals, and draft up Notices to ease the process of capital calls for general partners and their limited partners.