Capital Markets - Debt Financing & Re-Financing

Technology firms can grow revenue through product and service innovation, as well as effective sales and marketing. Additionally, firms may also choose to grow through mergers and acquisitions, buying competitors or parallel businesses that can increase and improve the company’s offerings. Whether the focus is to grow organically or through acquisition, it often requires outside capital that can be raised via equity, debt, or a combination of both.

Equity investments are an attractive option for early stage companies, particularly for technology companies--such as software and IT services firms--that do not have enough cashflow to service the debt or sufficient tangible assets that can be used as collateral in obtaining a loan. Raising capital through debt is a more viable option for established technology firms with tangible assets such as accounts receivable and equipment.

KROST advises technology firms on how to raise capital, the sources of that capital, and how to execute such a transaction. Whether it’s equity or debt financing or debt re-financing, KROST’s extensive experience in the Capital Markets make us the partner of choice.