Our business consulting group works extensively with executives of closely held, family owned, and emerging companies. Our broad business experience allows us to provide valuable input to management from the start of the business through its sale or succession. Our involvement can be either minimal or hands-on, based on the client’s needs, while our goal is always centered on increasing profitability and building value for shareholders.

Management Information Systems

Over the last few years the process of managing business information has been a major focus for new regulations and professional standards. This has placed greater emphasis on the control environment and how information is processed. We have always considered the importance of the information management process and are able to assist management in designing well-organized systems, or in testing their effectiveness.

Hispanic Business Services

We offer a full array of bilingual accounting and consulting services to the Hispanic business community in Southern California and abroad. Our experience with clients engaged in cross border transactions includes companies based in Mexico and Latin America with U.S. subsidiaries, as well as clients based in the U.S. with operations south of the border. Our approach is designed to enable our clients to compete with the mainstream business community without sacrificing a culturally diverse way of doing business.

At KROST, Your Success is Our Bottom Line

Our philosophy of working hard, finding opportunities for our clients, and keeping their best interests in mind has helped our clients achieve their financial goals, which in turn has helped us achieve ours. This philosophy has contributed to the development of long-term business relationships based on trust, confidence, and mutual respect.

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