Corporate Services

Coporate Accounting Services - Los Angeles CPA Firm
In today’s competitive business environment access to timely and accurate information is more important than ever. Our focus is to provide meaningful information and guidance on how to interpret that information so that our clients can make good, sound business decisions.

Accounting & Write-up

Our accounting outsourcing solutions allow you to make sound decisions while focusing on the direct needs of your business. Our Accounting Department is staffed with professional and experienced accountants that understand how to prepare and analyze financial information. From standard bookkeeping to complex compilations and financial statements, our goal is to provide you with valuable insight into the results of your business operations.

Audit & Assurance

Daily headlines remind us of the need for better financial information in today’s business environment. With the accounting standards’ greater emphasis on fraud risks and the internal control environment, auditors need to be mindful of our changing responsibilities to stakeholders. Our approach to auditing is to utilize the strong foundation of professional standards and apply those using efficient, contemporary, and cost effective methods to arrive at a mutually desirable goal. No methodology – no matter how efficient – can replace sound judgment and high ethical standards; therefore we place the greatest emphasis on these factors. >> More information

Tax Compliance

One of our greatest strengths is that we understand the complexities of taxation. Our thorough knowledge of tax law enables us to address not only day-to-day but also complex tax issues in an efficient manner. Our Tax Compliance services focus on income and estate tax return preparation. We also assist our clients with local, property, excise, sales and other industry-specific taxes.

Tax Planning & Consulting

We view Tax Planning and Tax Compliance as very different services. While both require a strong knowledge of current and pending tax law, proper planning enables a taxpayer to obtain the best long-term results. We pride ourselves in finding creative and unique tax planning opportunities that result in minimized tax obligations. Our active interest in ongoing operational and industry issues enables us to tailor tax strategies to each client’s specific situation.