Debt Re-Financing

Most businesses have various forms of debt, such as loans from banks, seller notes, shareholder loans, or intercompany receivables. These debts often remain in place for extended periods without undergoing a thorough evaluation of their value. At KROST, our Debt Financing team specializes in examining existing debt structures and exploring alternatives that can potentially offer greater value and improved terms for businesses. Our analysis is not limited to loans that are nearing maturity; it can be applied regardless of the debt's timeline.

Once it is determined that an alternative debt structure is in the best interests of the client, KROST offers a comprehensive service that involves finding solutions designed to optimize the company's debt structure and enhance its financial position. Our team works closely with clients to implement the chosen alternative, ensuring that it aligns with the company's goals and objectives.

Whether it involves refinancing existing debt, negotiating better terms, or exploring new financing options, our Debt Financing service aims to maximize the value while minimizing the burden of a company's debt obligations. By leveraging our expertise and extensive network of financial partners, we assist businesses in securing the most favorable financing arrangements that support their long-term growth and success.