Environmental, social, and governance, sometimes referred to as sustainability, is more than environmental impact. It's about creating economically sound processes that create positive impact on your organization. A by-product of ESG is better employee retention, community engagement, and product development. By redefining sustainability, we identify ways that can put money back into your pocket.

ESG Donut Chart

What is ESG?


E - Environment and represents the amount of resources, energy and waste created or used to manufacture and sustain your business. Environment is generally associated with greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.


S - Social and represents the Company's reputation within its community, customers, vendors, and employees. Social is generally associated with Diversity and Inclusion and the protection of human rights within its workforce and its vendor's workforce.


G - Governance and is the Company's internal practices and procedures to run its operations and comply with laws and regulations.

Why ESG Reporting?

ESG Reporting is your story. Your ESG story can be more than required disclosure, it can be a glimpse into why customers buy from you, why employees stay with you and why vendors sell to your company. Transparency into your ESG helps attract top talent, customer engagement, and identifying efficiencies in your supply chain.

Five Steps to Better Corporate Responsiblity


Complete our get to know you questionnaire


Explore our ESG strategic plan advisory service


Select the KBI solution or Data Analytics Consulting Service that is right for your organization


Completely customize your ESG Story or explore our ESG Reporting Stories for one that is right for your organization


Explore our Sustainability and Corporate Diversity Attestation for the solution that is right for your organization

How can KROST help tell your ESG Story?

Whether you are just beginning your ESG Story or need a firm to help with your data analytical procedures, we have the team for you. Our team is passionate about helping companies tell their ESG Story and our services are completely customizable to how you want to tailor your approach. You can completely customize your story or select from a few examples below to help you get started.

Discover Your ESG Story

Your ESG Story can be completely customized to your needs. Below are a few examples of how we've helped our clients.

ESG Reporting


Tell your ESG Story. ESG Reporting encompasses all financial and nonfinancial metrics related to environment, social, and governance. We help plan and create metrics to advise you on your ESG story.

Diversity and Inclusion Reporting


Tell your story about Diversity and Inclusion at your organization. Our report can be for executive reporting or to tell your story to the community. Options within Diversity and Inclusion Story include metrics related to:

• Gender diversity
• Ethnic diversity
• Generation diversity
• Management inclusion
• Board of Directors inclusion

Sustainability or ESG Audits


Tell your ESG story with an audit report. Only a CPA firm can provide an audit opinion on your ESG and its results. This ESG Story is for organizations who want to show their customers, community, and vendors that they consider ESG and its impact. Want to learn more? Explore our Audit and Attestation service.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting


Tell your ESG story by the GHG numbers. We help your organization calculate its Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions and can create a report to Executive Management or to the community.

Data Privacy


Tell your ESG story through the governance of your data. Our report can be for executive management and can be reviewed against CCPA or Cybersecurity standards. This report will help customers and vendors understand the importance of protecting customer and vendor data. Want to learn more? Explore our CCPA and DPR Attestation service.

Data Analytics


Tell your ESG story through how your organization is using financial metrics to improve your ESG. We uses data derived from your organization to analyze financial and nonfinancial metrics to create key performance indicators to solve your ESG problems. Want to learn more? Explore KBI and our Data Analytics service.