Equity Financing

The growth and development of a business often necessitates the infusion of external capital. Whether it is for organic expansion or the acquisition of complementary or strategic businesses, securing outside funding can be accomplished through the sale of an equity stake in the company. At KROST, our Equity Financing services are designed to assist business owners in raising capital by facilitating equity issuance. Our comprehensive and tailored approach encompasses every stage of the process, including investor outreach, deal negotiation, and post-closing services. We are committed to helping business owners secure the necessary capital to fuel their growth ambitions while also providing strategic guidance and support throughout the entire Equity Financing process.

Our Equity Financing services include:

  • Ensuring that the client’s books and records are in good order and up to the standards of financial reporting that investors require.
  • Preparing reviewed or audited financials if required.
  • Preparing historical financials and projections to include in the company’s presentations.
  • Creating investor presentations and executive summaries.
  • Creating an investor list from our extensive contacts of investors.
  • Reaching out to and engaging investors one-by-one.
  • Negotiating deal terms resulting in the receipt of written Term Sheets.
  • Analyzing offers and giving advice on price and deal structure to ensure maximum value and tax efficiency.
  • Participating in management presentations.
  • Participating in the due diligence process to ensure accurate and consistent information is communicated to the investor.
  • Providing support to legal counsel and other professionals during the legal process.
  • Remaining involved through to the closing of a transaction.
  • Providing post-transactional services such as accounting, audit and tax services.