Management and Incentive Fee Analysis

Our Fee Analysis Service simplifies your efforts to calculate various fund fees including Asset Management Fees and Incentive Fees.

What are Asset Management Fees?

A management fee that is calculated on a straightforward percentage of assets, capital commitments, etc.

How we simplify it for you?

We review your agreements and recalculate based on available workbooks. If workbooks aren't created, then we will create and implement so that the Fund can utilize on a go forward basis. We will ensure accurate and timely fee calculations.

What are Incentive Fees?

Incentive fees is an additional method to incentivize fund managers based on the ongoing performance of the fund. A hurdle rate is a benchmarking tool used to measure performance and is set as the minimum NII that shareholders must earn. A hurdle rate is set at a certain percentage, and once the NII exceeds that rate, the investment manager will participate in the upside of that excess income – split between shareholders and the investment manager. However, if the NII is below the hurdle rate, the investment manager will not earn any incentive fees.

How we simplify it for you?

We take the complexity out of these calculations by creating a streamlined process so that the incentive fees are calculated and reviewed timely.

KROST Fund Admin Solutions offers a helping hand to fund managers to reach their goals through timely and creative methods.