Personal Accounting Management

We believe that if we go above and beyond, we can help our clients achieve success. KROST provides innovative services to meet the needs of the unique and intricate lives of our clients in the sports and entertainment industry. We serve actors, directors, executives, producers, writers, professional athletes, and high-net-worth individuals.. Our personalized services are performed with experience, calculated planning, and precise execution to suit our client’s needs.

Through cash flow management, bill payment, and financial record keeping, we keep our client’s financial responsibilities in order. Personal Accounting Services include, but are not limited to, budgeting, accounting of revenue, and projection of expenses. We can provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting to empower our clients to better understand spending habits. We can also use this information to measure short-term and long-term performance to ensure financial success.

Our dedicated professionals at KROST can assist with addressing personal accounting needs with individual attention and consideration.

In addition to personal accounting management, we also provide a full suite of catered, industry-specific services including wealth management, integrated tax, and additional accounting services.