Raising Capital

At KROST, our capital raising services involve helping business owners raise capital either through the issuance of equity, debt, or both. This includes business valuation, creating investor/lender presentations, research and outreach to investors/lenders, participation in management presentations, analysis of offers, and deal negotiation. Once high-level terms are agreed we continue to be involved in due diligence and supporting the legal process through to a closing of the transaction. We can also assist clients with current debt by re-negotiating or re-financing it.

Our Capital Raising services include:

  • Ensuring that the clients books are in good order and compliant with the standard of accounting investors/lenders would want to see
  • Preparing reviewed or audited financials if required
  • Preparing historical financials and projections to include in the company’s presentations
  • Creating Investor/Lender Presentations and Executive Summaries
  • Creating an investor/lender list from our extensive contacts of investors and lenders
  • Reaching out to and engage investors/lenders (one-by-one)
  • Negotiating deals terms resulting in the receipt of written Term Sheets
  • Analyzing offers and giving advice on price and deal structure to ensure maximum value and tax efficiency
  • Participating in management presentations
  • Participating in the due diligence process to ensure accurate and consistent information is communicated to the investor/lender
  • Providing support to legal counsel and other professionals during the legal process
  • Remaining involved through to the closing of a transaction
  • Providing post-transactional services such as accounting, audit and tax services

In addition, we can:

  • Re-negotiate the terms of current corporate debt or
  • Payoff and replace that debt with a re-financing from a new lender