Traditional Audit and Assurance Services

Daily headlines remind us of the need for better financial information in today’s business environment. With the accounting standards’ greater emphasis on fraud risks and the internal control environment, auditors need to be mindful of our changing responsibilities to stakeholders. Our approach to auditing is to utilize the strong foundation of professional standards and apply those using efficient, contemporary, and cost-effective methods to arrive at a mutually desirable goal. No methodology – no matter how efficient – can replace sound judgment and high ethical standards; therefore we place the greatest emphasis on these factors.

Surprise Audit and Procedural Review

With our Surprise Audit, we work with your Corporate offices to identify the units that have the best opportunities for improvement. Through our Procedural Review regarding cash handling and daily audit procedures, we will assess the following:
• Cash handling
• Individual restaurant unit questionnaires

Applying our best practices, we will identify the pain points of your restaurant unit’s cash handling, payroll procedures, O/S issues and provide you a report of findings and recommendations.

What is a surprise audit?

A surprise audit is a time-tested technique for detecting inefficiencies in your restaurant units and identifying opportunities to streamline your processes across the board.

What separates you from other companies that do the same thing?

KROST is uniquely positioned to offer the best quality service in your market. Our mix of professionals is truly unique in our industry. Our team is made up of qualified and experienced professionals with both audit and restaurant backgrounds. Through our fluid planning and coordination, we conduct the surprise audit and procedural review in a timely manner so you can go back to doing what you do best.

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