Our Restaurant Site Assessment is a detailed operational and financial practices review that helps restauranteurs identify and prevent potential fraud, theft, and loss. Our experienced specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of your operation and the current employee practices and then compile a comprehensive actionable report. We will sit down and review our findings and recommendations.

Internal Accounting and Cash Handling

We will review the bookkeeping processes including verifying deposit and cash on hand. We make sure they are transparent and consistent.

Payroll Audit

Review and compare current schedules to actual payroll, validating special pay compliance and identifying labor cost opportunities.

Vendor/Bill pay Audit

Check coding and AP processes. Look for “Phantom Vendors” or unusual activity.

Management Financial Controls

Review Comp and Voids for unusual frequency, patterns, proper use, and verification systems.

Storage & Security

We verify that inventory storage areas, employee locker area are secure, both structurally and in terms of appropriate access.

Portioning and Food Safety

We will validate the use of essential forms and systems for tracking waste, daily inventories, food safety as well as a basic inspection of walk-ins and equipment. This includes spot checking portion sizes and systems.

Employee Practices Review

We will observe employee practices focusing the use of the POS system, and the evaluate the integrity of order and sales flow. This includes guest and employee sales/product interactions.

Summary & Analysis Meeting

After the Audit is concluded, we will provide the Client with the report and meet to thoroughly discuss our findings and any recommendations.

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